Ellen’s admissions consulting program focuses on the individual student and to which college their unique strengths point them. Our students do not apply to large numbers of colleges with stacked resumes in a desperate attempt simply to gain admission. She helps match them with the school that is right for them on every level, so that they succeed both personally and academically.

Ellen offers a myriad of college admissions services, including:

– a thorough evaluation and comprehensive report about a student’s back-ground in three major areas – academic, personal, and extracurricular — in a comprehensive, personalized report; a plan of attack for the remaining year of high school

– guidance on every aspect of high school: course planning, scheduling recommendations, tasting schedule, extracurricular choices, preparation of the final list of desired colleges for both Early and Regular Decision

– assistance with every aspect of the college application (excluding financial aid): personal essays, extracurricular achievements, letters of recommendation, awards, and background information

– suggestions for visiting college campuses and narrowing down the list of choices; preparation for alumni and on-campus interviews

– mock interviews when needed

– unlimited phone, fax, and voice consultations with student and parents

– start to finish support that continues until after the waitlist (if necessary) with no extra charge

– guidance in choosing a college once acceptances have been offered