Getting into college used to be a matter of researching colleges in guidebooks, filling out a few forms, sending in grades and waiting for the acceptance letters to roll in – but those days are long gone. Now, college admissions is big news, big business and often a big disappointment for families who don’t know the score. It’s time to get back to the simple wisdom about higher education.

Not only does Ellen give students and parents info in a fun, no nonsense way, but she speaks from the heart and tells real-life stories that capture the true nature of the experience – some amusing, some ordinary, and some heart-wrenching – to which students and parents can relate. Ellen serves as source that families of college-bound students can depend on to help them recognize simple truths and avoid common pitfalls.

Ellen Richards provides parents and students with the wisdom they need, including: what is happening now in the world of college admissions, what to do as a result, when to do it, and how to know when to stop.