Ellen went above and beyond to help me understand the US university system and make sure that I didn’t make any mistakes when choosing and applying to college. I spent most of my high school years in China. When I emigrated to Canada I did my best to acclimate to the new school system. When it was time to apply to college in the United States, I was lost. Ellen made sure my applications were top notch and that I was living up to my potential by applying to the best universities and also some of the highest ranking small colleges. When it came time to make a decision it was difficult because I got in everywhere I applied. I would highly recommend anyone to work with Ellen because she is so dedicated and will do what it takes to make sure applicants get into the best colleges possible.

– Lily H.

I adore Ellen Richards and cannot speak highly enough about her services. When my first child started this process we interviewed several admissions experts but she stood out by far. She has worked with two of my children and successfully guided them through the college admissions process. Both times we found the experience to be confusing and overwhelming but Ellen consistently supported not just my kids, but also me, their mother, by explaining all the pitfalls and how to avoid them and reassuring us that all would turn out fine. Sometimes I think she is a miracle worker because she knows admissions inside and out and somehow figures out a way to help each student stand out. Many of my friends have also worked with her for their children and all say the same thing: she is a class act and totally professional and we are eternally grateful to her and her expertise. Without Ellen I don’t even want to think about where my children would have ended up going to college. She is honest and caring and knowledgeable and is worth every penny!

– Cara S.

Ellen has a terrific sense for matching a student to the right schools and helping a student organize and prepare his or her overall college application strategy. Her guidance and suggestions to my daughter on how to organize her accomplishments in a pithy and logical manner that highlighted her greatest and most relevant strengths were invaluable. She was also a comfortable person to work with, answered all our questions thoroughly and promptly reviewed any material my daughter sent her.

– Sarah W.

As a parent, I was familiar with all of my son’s special qualities I knew he would be an asset to any institution he attended. However, communicating what set my son apart to schools was proving to be more of a challenge than I anticipated. When I realized that I needed help navigating the daunting college admissions process, I decided to contact Ellen Richards. I could not have made a better decision. The first time I called Ellen Richards, we spoke at length about my son’s personality, background and learning style. Ellen tailored a specific admissions plan for him that highlighted the strengths I always saw as a parent. Ellen Richards did not treat my son as one of many clients, but as an individual. Thank you for everything!

– Joseph K.

Ellen is an extraordinary woman who I know truly benefited our family. The personal treatment that her company achieves is truly unique and has no doubt helped my kids prosper. She energetically responded to our specific needs and always offered the best plan of action to contribute to my kids’ individual growth. The company as a whole was always thorough, well-educated, and caring – right down to the smallest details. We’re so thankful to have gotten connected to her.

– mother of two Marlborough students